Sunday, 17 May 2020

The Idle She

I was stuck at my idleness 
The very arduous path to be faced 
The cage where the soul was captivated 
And the self was held, hostage 
The potentials were at stake
And intelligence was venomed with waste 
The worst place to be valued and stayed 
Purposelessness was hitting the dumb me 
Yet heart was entrenched to dissipate momentous me 
The surrounding was progressing to desirable gain 
And this trivial was relishing in the indolence’s pain 
The tasks were burdening this inactive shoulder
But the ego was firm to be reluctant and as a holder
As the door of idleness was acting a betrayer 

Being slothful was labeled as an immense phobia,
By the false me  
But worshipped by the genuine self warmly 
I was fighting this very enemy of mine with chained hands, 
Smiley me 
Embracing the foe was not my intention 
But the weak me was begging for its glee 
Losing the battle was not in my manners 
But the traitor me was giving safe way to thee

You! O reasons of idleness had killed the feeble me 
As I had provided you with the moment of attacking me

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Faheem said...

Don't provide the moment to attack you

Faheem said...

BTW it's good awareness message for our public

Faheem said...

Be aware! Don't ever get haunted by idleness

Muniza Khan said...

thank you so much

Unknown said...

Yup idleness ruins our lives.....

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