Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Being Common Is An Art

But this is the peak of insanity, isn’t it?

Tell me, Shams!

I hold this belief at this complicated yet ordinary issue of society. Why the people parallel to you consider themselves as more elevated and eccentric than what they are. Being hollow inside they crave, to be presented in front of the crowd as the strange people full of mystery and uniqueness. Their words full of wisdom, actions full of sophistication with vanity, reality full of concealment, and self is fully disguised to suits the moments remarkably.
All efforts they put to create this kind of self only to beg for one purpose. Do you know the deep intentions behind these futile deeds?

Tell me, Shams!

I will let you know maybe you have not wasted your precious time as you were recently drawn in a relationship. I have heard about it from one of your close friends and I am very sorry about your worst time. Yes if I do analyze your personality she was much commoner and artless in front of you. You always being a distinctive guy deserve someone better,  carrying a high class of manners and an extra level of intelligence.
Oh sorry, I have wholly changed the very hot topic of our discussion. Let me explain to you the purpose behind elevated acts. This strain of people kills their instincts and reality just for the outer perfect representation of self for the sake of uniqueness. They feed their ego with the terms they become entitled with, The idiosyncratic, The great comprehender of this sphere, The mystic who diving constantly within the sea of vast Knowledge, The artist who master the art of living and the one who have reached the absolute reality.
Shams, I will depict the consequences they face due to this false image of their selves.

Tell me, Shams!

Isn’t it veracious as I gave an ear to the gossips that you are suffering from anxiety and your nights nowadays are mostly sleepless, days entangled in restless thoughts and delayed actions? Yes, the consideration of your abilities which is highly visible to your surrounding people is accurate. You are incredibly fit in this sphere as you are unique, mystic and carry a lot of wisdom but the people, I’m referring to her she was not of your level. Forget her and move on you are going to meet the person of your caliber very soon. You know everyone will be parsing you for such a finest selection of a girl.
Sorry for the aberration Ok I was telling you about the consequences. You know my dear Shams when a person denies his factual character and imitates the specific traits highly appreciable he loss himself as a person. From that point onward he becomes a puppet of his desire to be peculiar and appreciable to the society. This person carries void throughout his life while filling the outside small holes. The very great person of this kind lives a life of all those people to whom he wants to impress and to prove himself something beyond the commonness.

Tell me, Shams!

You only believed merely these ill effects of an exhibition of self. No, my dear Shams, it is more than these. A person, not only loss himself but in this, he deprived of all the people who are sincerely accompanying him, who are devoted toward him with full heart, the people who are affected by him and mostly those who have to consider themselves a great companion and soul mate of this person. These precious but common lacking all the uniqueness are ignored and then thrown away by this person just t satisfy his ego that he is not going to be with someone below his standards so that people would be bullying him with low voices. And in this process, they lose their better halves.

Tell me shams!

Have not you left her innocent soul because she was common according to you?
A perfect soul mate for you yet imperfect to your image in the so-called society?

Tell me shams!

Have not you perceive from my simplicity that being common is a blessing. These souls are unchained to the false images, society, and lies related to reality. These very aesthetic commons carry all the beauty and peace in their simple lap. The petals of their invisible flowers possess the aroma of life and happiness. Un-entangled souls who only taste the ecstasy of their real self, unaware of foul dramas of the society. They speak the language of love and provides empathy to each without distinction. They are not bound to the glittering yet darkest fantasies of this unrealistic World but the most common who understands the languages of heartbeats. Being common is an art.

Tell me, Shams!

You left her as she was the most common. The best decision you have taken as it was a reward for her that she got rid of the person who is not he but someone else, something else.

Tell me shams!

Have you ever realized that you have destroyed yourself not her by losing the precious soul ??

Tell me shams!

Isn't it a peak of insanity.
Tell me my dear shams!
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Unknown said...

Ohhh shit..... My eyes got Tearful...

Anonymous said...

Really �� you did write it by your own?

A master piece. The way you carried two different stories yet correlated. Superb

Muniza Khan said...

thank you

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