Sunday, 5 April 2020

Lunatic Couple Dance of Physics and Philosophy

PP Enigmatic couple clash:  Lunatic Couple Dance of Physics and Philosophy

Philosophy dance randomly and invisibly with physics but the perception of physics yearns to make philosophy perceptible. Physics condemns the non-physical nature of philosophy and denies being in a couplet relationship with philosophy. If physics stands for the particle nature of each entity of the Universe then philosophy defines the ethereal self and wisdom related to minute particles.

Each entity in the Universe carries a dual being that is anti-parallel in nature.

Physics dominance

Physics wants to dominate itself by applying physical laws thus to describes the phenomena occur in the surrounding. These physical laws present before the spectators the answer to “HOW”, based upon observation and proof.  It follows the rules of proper scale even it seeks the particle nature of waves and energies. The craziness of physics has even exceeded the limit to deny the fascinating mystery behind the whirl of physical bodies on the dance floor. It only makes applicable itself to the outer nature, effects and connection. Physics lacks the power to shake a leg with the deep soul of the entities.

Philosophy Craziness

Philosophy catches the essence of every dot upon the face of the Universe. It enlightens the inner knowledge of things beyond the circle of scale and magnitude. Philosophy comprehends the strange melody, mirrors the strange dance of each Universal particle. It plays the strings of wisdom that encircle micro to macro thoughts related to God’s Creations. Yet it neglects the physical processes, laws, and theories which depict the outer shape. It kicks out the comprehensible logic and dances within the shower of logic beyond the physical eyes. Philosophical thoughts introduce the third eye with the spirit and soul of physical bodies.

Both these anti-parallels have maintained their separate existence as the stubborn physics doesn’t allow its law to apply to philosophy neither philosophy is willing to take it. These physical laws cannot be in resonance with philosophy as one reflects the outer and inner reality while others state the illusion, mystery, and essence related to the soul of ethereal bodies. How can physics sacrifice its scale, magnitude, parameters, established laws to create a wave of interference with something which has no physical existence. Physics which even makes the limitless energy limited for its calculation cannot define the soul and inner wisdom of things.

Existing on the same dance floor one focuses upon the soul and others on the body for the completion of the essence of the World.


Faheem said...

The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.

Muniza Khan said...

yup but upto now it is resisting the soul of things focusing on the outer facts and figures

Oenophile said...

I couldn't read sorry

Muniza Khan said...


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