Thursday, 7 May 2020

To The Moon

Stands alone in the deep waves of darkness
Engenders the aesthetic enchant to the blackness
Audacious enough to dominate the bulky sea of stars
Yet auspicious to shade shine to the wanderer’s path
Isn’t it humble?

Carries the cryptic grey dots within the self
Begs for the dazzle of blazing bulky star
Flow in the intense stream of murk frivolously
Yet fascinates the eyes of afar admirer with a gleaming glint
Isn’t it genial?

Dull as dust at the core, devoid of merriment
Bears doleful soul, crying out for beloved adoration
Confronts the impertinent demur of enchanting cosmos
Yet she satisfies the native hearts with spirited charm
Isn’t it warm?

Why O humans!
Accompanied by company
Surrounded by light
Pure inside out
Facing always delight
Can’t be warm and kind-hearted
Isn’t it abnormal?

Poetic Inspiration : Tonight's Moon 
alone girl in moonlight (With images) | Moon photography ...


Faheem said...

It's magical

BTW moon is he or she?

I've heard it's He.

Muniza Khan said...

thank you
no moon is feminine because of its beauty that is why we personify it with she

Unknown said...

Its heart warming but I didn't get the end...... Accompanied by the company "" does it mean Moon company???

Muniza Khan said...

I am referring to the humans company that we are always surrounded by people unlike moon who is lonely but still she gives light

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