Saturday, 30 May 2020

The Suppressed She

She is not finding the ground to stand. To stand with sole authority, pride, and possession. Nothing belongs to her in these vast surroundings but all the chains, sadness, and phobias. She is the most manipulated being, manipulated with the sweet name of Love, bounded with the label of false protection and fed to be kept suppressed. She is defined and ranked by the superior beings for own benefits and oppressed to be acted upon the set rules otherwise she would not be identified as a fine being. She the inferior being is assigned with the duties, the sole condition to fit in the society. The poor being who is shielded only to perform what couldn’t be done by the dominant beings.

Up to now who has understood her true nature in this Modern era. The fragrance of her innocence is not smelled yet by those beings whose sense of smell is blinded towards her aroma. The passionate fire in her soul is always extinguished and never lets to be satisfied based upon what she craves. The inner wild child residing inside her is imprisoned always so that she never touches the peak of contentment and happiness. The freeways that are built-in her heart and mind to achieve something are always blocked by those who take her as an inferior being. She is not recognized as an individual up to now neither she has provided with the rights and individual beings deserve.

Her self is rather compelled to be defined and known concerning the superior beings of this society. Her freedom is always snatched by those subjects who treats her as an object for their interest. She is always forced to bargain her true self with a selfless self thus serving the dominant beings of this society otherwise there is no place for her in this surrounding.

If this is not the case, if she is always kept in the society like a bud in the leaves, if there is no discrimination or if there is her existence everywhere they why this oppression is everywhere.

Why she is suffering and facing the acid attacks?

Why she is tolerating the evils of domestic violence?

Why she is being treated as a toy by the superior being and manipulated with the bitter sweetness of love?

Why she is screaming everywhere after harassment and abuse with a suppressed inner voice?

Why she is facing brutal honor killing?

And if she is not a victim of all these she is sacrificing her real self for the sake to fit the rules made by the male members of the society so as not to live but to act as a living being.

To all the she who are suffering all around.




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