Sunday, 19 April 2020

Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes:

She sat on a grassland facing the brook, whose reflected purity was putting the thorns of shame into hazel turbulent lenses of her eyes. Her eyes weren’t the mirror of the heart, unable to realize her intuitive acts as her insane fantasy but reflecting the inner misery and remorse of her imprisoned mind. The unconscious merriment of her heart was losing grace in front of her gloomy conscious mind. The craziness of her each beat was condemned by the logical entity in the sphere of existence.

Her thoughts were shattered by the novice.
Listen Maah! listen Maah!
He was the pure fragrance in her surroundings and gave satisfaction to her unsatisfied entangled thoughts. A four years brother of hers who had not yet developed the complicated aspects of this contaminated World. A bud who had not yet suffered the hard waves of sun and the harsh flows of wind. He was still shielded by the petals in the form of his be-loving Maah. He was the only hope her sister was living upon as he was depicting the real, pure and childhood image of his sister.

He was carrying the passion in his eyes to be veracious and get the love of this whole surrounding. Who had believed that,
Love attracts love
Hate is wanting everywhere
Passion is the fire of soul
Honesty is the only way
To be lived upon
Calumny doesn’t exist
Veneration sprout from each living
Where Purity nourishes 
Freedom is the only way
To be lived upon

He believed only in happiness and honesty, unaware of the brutality of the brutal surrounding. A smiling chubby carried positivism, ignorant of the energy vampires in the surrounding. The free soul who was not bounded by the hypo-critic rules of society. He was thinking about the soar, which would not know the boundaries and chains of society. A young soul who still was unconscious of the spitting upon his real self and passions. His dreams were unknown to the raising upbraided voices. His heart was still counting upon the joys of the beautiful image of life and people. A peaceful soul who had not yet made the distinction between the heart and mind. His well-being was not yet undermined by the castigating smiley faces.

As his blessed voice came near to her, she shut her eyes forcibly. She had sacrificed herself to be Maah infront of the contaminated eyes of the people. She had lost the shine of her Hazel eyes and bowed. But she had not wanted to be bowed for the satisfactory happiness of her passionate toy Rumi.
Maah had hidden her imprisoned mind to be seen by her childhood as she wanted freedom of her chained self. She had not yearned her younger self, her brother to be her mirror image. She embraced Rumi with her closed embarrassed eyes and gave him the image of a happy, juvenile, perfect soul.

Maah carried Rumi toward the home as it was getting dark and the society denied the protection of its residents, as well as girls at that society, were not allowed to be outside the home at that time. She was moving toward home with chained feet, even though she was crazy to enjoy the twilight at the edge of the brook.
she just closed her hazel eyes. 



Unknown said...

It's heart warming.....fancied, got goosebumps while reading it♥️💔

Muniza Khan said...

thank you so much

Faheem said...

What is this a true incident or just imaginary one

Faheem said...

BTW what's the theme?

Muniza Khan said...

Imaginary one ...

Muniza Khan said...

Well that with time we become more bound to the surrounding rules and regulations and sacrifice our real self and passion

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