Wednesday, 29 April 2020

The Pleasing Pain

Fascinating life emerges by confronting pain
And hardly, elated mortals are endowed with its gain
Its blissful calling hits the doors of few
And Captivate the delightful persona who is new
New to the world of deception
And genuine to the sphere of perfection
A high benediction to perceive and soothe
And a cheerful journey to relish and scathe

Pain, honors the fellow with potency
And gives vehemence to the decency
Its magic builds a character solid without spots
And nourishes the soul warmly without wrongs
Its beauty puts facets of patience into fragile
And snatches the coward peace form juvenile
Its poison stirs the chaos in the damaged hearts
And pave the ways toward the refined minds

Encountering the bloody, pain
And Shaking hands with thorny wail   
Thus couples the heartache of inner bruises
With the screaming mind of hurtful cages
Shattered the inner and outer
And drags within the hell of a disaster
It gives the very gift of sleepless nights
And dull the rainbows of bright days and lights

Yet it is pain, the pleasing pain

That swallow the frail tears
And stitches the intense wounds
It gives satisfaction to the yearning
And switches the trivial with herculean muscles and aiming
Pain is wile
It gives new life

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Faheem said...

Awesome 👍🏻

Faheem said...

The wound is the place where the light enters you

Muniza Khan said...

Yes ....
It is a blessing for those whom the God wants to be strong and unique by testing them much

Unknown said...

Yet pain has the potential to take life too.....

Muniza Khan said...

In either case it gives new life

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