Monday, 20 April 2020

Solve Me

Solve me
Permit me
To peeps into you
So that you embrace my soul
And take it as, you
O the great grand universe
Take me and solve
The complicated me
And dissolves me as a tiny
Particle of yours
I pledge I pledge
Free my miserable soul
Take me as a child of you
And help me incomprehension
Of this minute dot of you
Give me peace
And relax my tiredness
Give me vastness 
To be a reflection of you
And enjoy the ecstasy of the whole universe
Within the heart of me
So that it couldn’t cry hard
To looks outside for the completion
And stillness
For beauty
For perfection
Bless me bless me
So that this part of you attain
The aesthetic self
The absolute self
The real self
The Imprisoned Self – Past, Present, Prison


Faheem said...

Good one 👌🏻

Muniza Khan said...

its the very light one and simple. wrote within 10 minutes ..thank you

Unknown said...

Simple words brings beauty to a poem..... Attracts the attention and heart....

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