Saturday, 2 May 2020


Running through the dense suffocating path
Where the merciless life was living fast
I was wandering through the maze of tumult
Searching for the contended me and laze
Strayed in the enchanting stares and heart fires
Wanted the exhausted and tired me to scream
Lost harmony was finding no way to flow
The hindered self when asked for mercy
Ears were bewildered to resonate with the cord

O child!
Why roving outside!
Why not looking into the very origin of tiredness
The self
Peeping outside the real will enervate and smash
Your tiredness reflects the lack of self in you
Exhausted you elude to the deprived essence
And extinguished flames of devotion towards
the very must, “I”
The endearment you carry in the cold heart,
My child is not for universal oneness but
Is for avaricious love
Disconnected warmth sprouting inside you
Cant soothe but oneness can

If the darkness of your path wants twinkling of affection
Beyond any constrains
How would the serenity
Afar the capacity
And beyond Worldly peace
The one which touches the realm above this falsity would be yours,
Then You would be whirling in dense shades of Universal Oneness
Where you will be you
Your Self would be dancing in the freedom without chains
The tiredness of your soul would vanish
Where empathy and sympathy will enjoy equilibrium
And the light of self coincides the real self

My child!
Universe And
Will merge and becomes one
One never gets tired
Neither astray
But finds
The ultimate truth 
And lasting peace 

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