Thursday, 16 April 2020

Was It Just

Was it just

The sacred self is wrecked
The worthy being is belittled
The sinless him is corrupted
The modest fellow is fouled
To enervate,
And pervert the holy her
Aberrated to devalue her
To fulfill his contaminated desires
Forced the stronger her to be weakened

To satisfy his false ego
He entitled her the most,
Chastised the enchant and persona
Of that stainless
Occupied  her lap with mourn
Just To lessened the thirst of infatuation
And relished the feelings of pleasure
Veracious enough to annihilate
All the bright shade of her mind
and to put her heart,
Into the most bared and dark place

Was it just
Was it fine
The treatment of him to her,
Innocent soul
To throw her into a colorless autumn 
Where her eyes are carrying the burden
Of tears,
Of remorse,
Of heartbreak
Of betrayal
she, cursing the disaster of her life
By embracing the cunning soul
And letting him killed her inside child 


Unknown said...

It's really beautiful....

Muniza Khan said...

thank you

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