Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Decorated Humans

Decorated humans

Hearts, shade tears
Yet jaws are embellished,
With smile
Living souls, injured of thrones
Yet the images are adorned,
With flowers
Inner, bleeds of agony
Yet the outer is furnished,
With delight
Beings, bruised with lonesome
Yet the externals are encircled,
With crowds
Deep, cried with pain aloud
Yet the surfaces are dancing,
With joys
Inner, mirrored with remorse
Yet the outer is covering itself,
With honor
Psyche, collapsed with despaired
Yet the bodies are presenting themselves,
With reliance
Existence, deserted of affection
Yet the minds are occupying themselves,
With attachments

Veiling the dark fortune of humans
Reflecting the failure of humans
Where empathy is blinded
And criticism prevails everywhere


Faheem said...

Unique 👌🏻

Muniza Khan said...

thank you so much

Faheem said...

Unique Approach

Faheem said...

Empathy has been concealed

Muniza Khan said...

humans are now unable to to share the real self because of the polluted outward. well they have not concealed it but they have lost it willingly

Atif khan said...

Zabardast 👏👏

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