Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Divine Light

Divine Light

I was searching for a divine light

Among the pious with fine deeds
Which my pretentious eye could be caught
Among the morals with fine seeds
The one who shed tears with potent
Having a pure image only to be read
Within the humble beasts who effort
The forced drama of truth for greed
And operate a tongue of candy to deceit

And miserable me spat upon sinner’s creed
The blatant who transgressed with high spirit
With transparency, they could make injured and bleed
But Unable to perform the dual role of sweet
The honest sinner was with one wish to be freed
An evildoer but roamed with real fact

But the reflection of divine light
Whirled with the truthful sinners
And left the plaster saints
In the hell of darkness
Where they accompanied their lies


Faheem said...

thoughtful and 👌🏻

Faheem said...

Seems like one of Ghani khan's poem in English

Muniza Khan said...

i have not read him upto now

Muniza Khan said...

thank you

Prashant tech said...


Unknown said...

Ahaaa..... Much deeper words

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